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Fire to Table Comfort Food - A Pioneering West Edmonton Restaurant & Bar

West Edmonton's progressive indigenous restaurant entices foodies with its fire to-to-fork cookery. We serve the freshest locally sourced ingredients, honing in on Canadian native staples. With Executive Chef "Kyle Duncan" at its helm, Homefire Grill has created a progressive menu of fire-roasted comfort food paired with the bold, smoky flavors from the grill. Bringing together the natural elements from the fire, along with distinctive prairie flavors of Canada, Homefire Grill is a culinary destination with a notable wine list, signature cocktails and impeccable service to create a dining experience with a spark.
Established in 2005 by the Alberta Indian Investment Corporation, this pioneering West Edmonton restaurant and bar keeps to its Canadian roots, serving up indigenous dishes from its homeland, using every part of bison. The energetic open-kitchen lets diners be a part of the artful cooking experience, as they watch the skilled techniques of the chefs; and the dramatic presentation to the table. Known for the best rotisserie and fire-roasted oven cooking in Edmonton, Homefire Grill is bringing some heat to the vibrant Edmonton dining scene.

The Grill

The bold, smoky flavors lend itself to each dish due to the wood-burning ovens used to create the home-style menu at Homefire Grill. Each dish is prepared over open flames, producing tender, evenly cooked foods with rich aroma-infused flavor. Inspired by the rustic tradition, meats are roasted to perfection and the pizza gets crispy in all the right spots.

Chef Kyle Duncan: Chef, Cook, and Philanthropist

Executive Chef Kyle Duncan comes from a long line of restaurateurs, and brings over 20 years of experience to the culinary team at Homefire Grill.  Chef Kyle prides himself on his attention to detail, and knowledge of flavour - both attributes which can be observed in the dishes he crafts. Using carefully selected, locally sourced ingredients, Chef Kyle creates Canadian indigenous cuisine that appreciates tradition, and possesses innovative flare. In his own words, "I believe that it's important to challenge yourself, and to always continue to grow in your field.  Experimenting in the kitchen has led to some of my best recipes, and you'll find that our menu is constantly expanding and evolving."
As Canada increasingly embraces indigenous cuisine, Homefire Grill has the opportunity to showcase the ingredients and flavour's of First Nations people. We work closely with our purveyors to optimize the best value and quality for our clientele.
When not at Homefire Grill, Chef Kyle can be seen around town lending his skills to different charities and organizations. He also enjoys supporting local music and cultural events.